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Brainticket – Cottonwoodhill (LP)

Cottonwoodhill (LP)

A limited edition vinyl gatefold re-issue of the legendary 71′ debut album by Brainticket that is widely considered a landmark psychedelic masterpiece! . . .

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Brainticket – Psychonaut (LP)

Psychonaut (LP)

Limited edition 12” vinyl re-issue of the 1972 album by experimental Krautrock pioneers, Brainticket . . .

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Brainticket – Live In Rome 1973 (LP)

Live In Rome 1973 (LP)

This vintage live album is appearing for the first time ever on the commercial market in glorious 12” vinyl form . . .

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Brainticket Screaming Face

Screaming Face

Music T-shirt of Brainticket . . .

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Brainticket – Psychonaut (Shirt)

Psychonaut (Shirt)

Music T-shirt of Brainticket . . .

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Brainticket – Vintage Anthology 71′ – 80′

Vintage Anthology 71′ – 80′

An over 4 hour mindtrip into electronic space-scapes that would be cited as influential for progressive rock groups . . .

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Space Rock Invasion Tour

Space Rock Invasion

An extraordinary concert event that brought together 3 towering figures of progressive space rock onto one Los Angeles stage for the first time ever!

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