Psychonaut (1972)

Brainticket PsychonautPsychonaut is the second album by Brainticket. It is often described as more relaxed and less electronic than their first record.

“Psychonaut, released in 1972 is one of my favorites from this band. A few detractors label it as a poor man’s Amon Düül II, which I think is a bit unfair, as this is a totally great album. Brainticket hardly ever repeated themselves (except for a couple of their later, all- instrumental outings, Adventure and Voyage) so their previous album, Cottonwoodhill (1971) and their following effort Celestial Ocean (1973) sounds nothing like Psychonaut. Psychonaut is by far their most melodic of their albums and you get some killer songs.”

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Track Listing:

  1. Radagacuca
  2. One Morning
  3. Watchin’ You
  4. Like A Place In The Sun
  5. Feel The Wind Blow
  6. Coc’ O Mary

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