Celestial Ocean (1974)

Brainticket Celestial Ocean“Brainticket sure kept you on your toes each time they released an album, since they kept changing their sound each time (the only time the kept the same sound, and lineup, for that matter, more than once was in the early ’80s with the heavily synth/percussion driven Adventure and Voyage in ’80 and ’82). 1973′s Celestial Ocean was their third album, now a three-piece, trimmed down to Joël Vandroogenbroeck, Carole Muriel, and Barney Palm. Joël and Carole handle keyboard duties, this time around including synthesizers, Carole also handled zither and spoken dialog, and of course, Barney Palm handled all sorts of percussion.”

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Track Listing:

  1. Egyptian Kings
  2. Jardins
  3. Rainbow
  4. Era Of Technology
  5. To Another Universe
  6. The Space Between
  7. Cosmic Wind
  8. Visions

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