Alchemic Universe (2000)

Brainticket Alchemic UniverseLike Halley’s Comet, after 30+ years spent traveling to other worlds, Brainticket’s Joel Vandroogenbroek is again lighting up the night sky. The year 2000 marked Brainticket’s return with Alchemic Universe, their first full-length LP in decades.

Fans expecting a replica of Brainticket’s early-’70s sound be warned however as Joel has not spent the past thirty years in a bubble.

The band has happily evolved to keep pace with the new millennium, while still managing to keep its kosmiche roots intact. While Joel performs musical duties (keyboards, synth, guitar, flute), a nice surprise is Carol Muriel (fans may remember her from Celestial Ocean) on vocals on several tracks.

Bonus CD features the full version of “Transformation Of A Stream,” as well as the originally intended track order.

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Track Listing:

  1. Life’s Mirror (08:10)
  2. Transformation Of A Stream (10:13)
  3. Within Venus (05:40)
  4. Alchemic Universe (10:30)
  5. Relics ‘N’ Roll (12:27)
  6. The Sunspace Between (03:36)
  7. A Dreamer’s Reflection (07:11)
  8. Time (02:09)

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