Adventure (1980)

Released in 1980, Adventure sounds like the results of an all-night jam session caught on tape and sliced somewhat arbitrarily into songs . . .

Brainticket Voyage

Voyage (1982)

“Voyage” continues where “Adventure” left off with more strange sonic cosmos and amazing percussive tones and moods . . .

Brainticket Alchemic Universe

Alchemic Universe (2000)

Like Halley’s Comet, after 30+ years spent traveling to other worlds, Brainticket’s Joel Vandroogenbroek is again lighting up the night sky . . .

Brainticket Cottonwoodhill

Cottonwoodhill (1971)

Cottonwoodhill is the debut album by Brainticket. It features the groove-based track “Black Sand” . . .

Brainticket Psychonaut

Psychonaut (1972)

Psychonaut is the second album by Brainticket. It is often described as more relaxed and less electronic than their first record.

Brainticket Celestial Ocean

Celestial Ocean (1974)

Brainticket sure kept you on your toes each time they released an album, since they kept changing their sound each time . . .